Project Description

Regional Municipality of Durham
Oshawa, Ontarion

The Conlin Road Sanitary pumping station is a wet well/dry well
configuration sanitary sewage pumping station. The station was designed and constructed to handle flows for approximately 15 years before expansion.

The station is a three-pump, wet well and separate dry well facility. The pumps are submersible style Flygt sewage pumps. The rated capacity is 362 L/sec. Influent is directed to two identical wet wells through manually raked coarse bar screens. Each wet well can be isolated from incoming flow by a 900×900 sluice gate. The two wet wells can be separated by a slide gate for individual operation. The pumps discharge through two 400
mm diameter forcemains to the meter chamber and from there through a 450mm diameter forcemain.

Procon’s scope of work on this project included the construction of a new Pumping Station, Wet Well, Generator Room and Metering Chamber including:
- 160HP Dry Pit Submersible Pumps, Process Valves, St/Stl Suction, Discharge and Bypass Piping,
- Influent Isolation Sluice Gates,
- Valve Chamber,
- Diesel Fuel System including Exhaust Stack, Transfer Pumps and Fuel Tanks,
- Mechanical Building Systems including Plumbing, HVAC and Compressed Air.