Project Description

Thorold Cogeneration Project
Thorold, Ontario

Fire Alarm system requirements for Co-generation projects are not only sophisticated but very critical from a Safety and Plant Operating perspective.

The components and wiring methods for these types of projects
varied from system to system and included the following:

• FAC and Transponder panels
• Monitoring panels
• Smoke, Duct, Heat and Beam Detectors
• Linear Heat and Flame Detectors
• Horns and Eemac 4x Horn/Strobes
• Manual Pull stations
• Flow and Pressure switches
• Solenoid and Supervisory valves
• Protect-o-wire
• Oil and Gas Sensors etc.

This project presented many challenges as real estate was at a premium regarding locations for installation of conduit and equipment.

Procon stayed ahead of schedule and completed our scope of work well ahead of time.