Brock University-Cogeneration Engines and Absorption Chiller Installation-Piping Tie-In

This contract consisted of performing piping tie-ins to existing systems during a very constrained time frame to assist with Brock University’s upcoming Engine and Chiller replacement project that encompassed replacing 4 existing co-gen engines with 2 larger new engines, and replacing 1 existing absorption chiller with a new absorption chiller.

This project involved the prefabrication and installation of new chilled water piping and valves to facilitate the replacement of an existing absorption chiller on a future project.  In a single weekend outage, new isolation valves were cut into the existing instrument air, natural gas, lube oil, jacket water make-up and crankcase exhaust headers in the cogen engine room to permit the generator installation as well as the chilled water tie-ins.

project details

Brock University
St. Catharines
start date:
October, 2017
completion date:
October, 2017