Dominion Road Sewage Pumping Station

The project consisted of the demolition of the existing pumping station and construction of a new wet well/dry well type pumping station complete with above ground control building, pumps, stand-by generator and all electrical and controls equipment including valve chambers and site work.

Our scope of work consisted of the supply and installation of all mechanical/process equipment, piping and valves. Specifically, we supplied and installed (3) 200hp submersible solids handling pumps complete with all associated 8”-14” ductile iron piping and valves within the pumping station and chambers. Chamber work consisted of (3) valve chambers and (1) metering chamber complete with all associated valves and flow meters. Other work included the installation of (2) 1200×2500 channel gates in the wet well distribution channels and a 450×450 sluice gate between the wet wells.

Specific mechanical work included the supply and installation of a 600kW new diesel stand-by generator, 4250L double-wall above ground fuel tank with all associated fuel piping and a 40ft tall exhaust stack. Other work included the installation of plumbing equipment, water piping, and HVAC equipment, including a new 3000cfm air handling unit and generator intake and exhaust plenum.

project details

Niagara Region
Fort Erie
Electrical Mechanical SCADA
start date:
July, 2010
completion date:
October, 2011