GALT Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Galt Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is one of 13 wastewater treatment plants owned by the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. Wastewater is pumped from wastewater pumping stations to higher ground, where gravity then carries the wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant which has an operating capacity of 56.8 ML/D. Our scope of work consisted of electrical, process piping, equipment, SCADA and network upgrades.

Works were broken down into phases, all to be completed without interruption to the plants process:

  • LAN network upgrade complete with fiber optic backbone, network enclosures and horizontal cabling
  • Server room upgrades complete with new server equipment, offices and workstations.
  • Upgrades to 25 existing PLC SCADA control panels via retrofit or replacement.
  • RAS building upgrades complete with motor control centre, RAS pumps, process piping and instrumentation equipment installation. Bypass pumping was required to keep plant processes in operation.
  • Hypochlorite building upgrades consisted of structural, process piping and tank works.

project details

The Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Cambridge, Ontario
Electrical Mechanical SCADA
start date:
July, 2010
completion date:
October, 2011