GM CAMI Assembly Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 3

This project consisted of construction of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant Process Building (42m x 21m) connected to CAMI’s existing Pump Station.

Procon’s scope of work for this project included:

  • Supply and installation of underground double-wall HDPE fusion welded process piping (3” – 12”).
  • Supply and installation of (2) Inclined Plate Clarifiers (up to 500gpm capacity) c/w associated BCS Sch80 piping (3” to 12”).
  • Supply and installation of a 9,000 gallon intermediate storage tank and a 36,000 gallon bolted sludge storage tank c/w vertical mixers.
  • Supply and installation of a 1200mmx1200mm filter press (100 cubic ft. volume per cycle cap.) c/w interconnecting sludge, filtrate and compressed air piping.
  • Supply and installation of (2) 500gpm IPC Feed Pumps, (2) 125gpm IPC Waste pumps, (1) 150gpm Filter Press Feed pump and all associated piping.
  • Installation of (3) Chemical Feed Pumps (12-40gpm) for Sulfuric Acid, Caustic Soda and Alum c/w associated PVC Sch80 and 316L SS Sch40 piping (1”-2”).
  • Supply and installation of (2) Polymer Dilution Feed Units for IPC flocculation and sludge dewatering c/w piping.
  • All plumbing fixtures/equipment, compressed air system, ductwork/HVAC equipment, and natural gas piping.

project details

General Motors of Canada Limited
Ingersoll, Ontario
start date:
June, 2013
completion date:
January, 2014