JBL 115KV 40MVA Substation

Jungbunzlauer (JBL) is planning to expand the capacity of their plant and Canadian Niagara Power was unable to fulfil their needs from the existing 13.8KV power grid in Port Colborne. This forced JBL to tap into the 115KV Hydro One lines on the east side of the Welland Canal.

Procon's contract consisted of the following:

  • Install a 115KV switching station on the east side of the canal.
  • Supply and install 1.2 KMs of 115KV pole and fiber for communications and monitoring.
  • Install a transition station for the 115KV overhead line to 115KV submarine cables under the Welland Canal to the new substation on JBL property.
  • Install 115KV line towers and lines, 20MVA transformer, 115KV switches, grounding resistors.
  • Install 13.8KV E-house and feeders from the 20MVA transformer to the 13.8KV distribution switchgear.
  • Install 13.8KV cabling to tie the new substation to the existing.

project details

Jungbunzlauer Canada Inc.
Port Colborne
start date:
July, 2012
completion date:
April, 2013