McMaster University - E.T. Clarke Centre Electrical Switchgear Replacement

Procon Constructors Inc. installed a new 15kv Switchgear in the place of the existing gear within the E.T. Clarke Building.  During the sequenced replacement of the gear, all necessary loads were kept live to keep all University operations functioning as normal.  Part of the project included the installations of new Anti-Islanding Protection system, remote breaker operator control panel along with 15kv teck cable replacements and splicing.

The scope of work in this project includes:

  • New Switchgear
  • New Anti-Islanding Protection System
  • New 15kv cable
  • (2) new 15kv load break switches installed for the McMaster Acute Care Health Sciences building
  • Remote breaker operation panel
  • New duct bank
  • 15kv 500MCM cable splicing

project details

McMaster University
Electrical SCADA
start date:
April, 2016
completion date:
January, 2017