Niagara Falls Water Treatment Plants 1 & 2

The scope of work under this contract includes the replacement of the low lift pumping station MCC, discharge valve actuators, and other miscellaneous items.

The work in Plant 1 includes the decommissioning of the existing backwash tank, removing all associated 20” stainless steel piping, and replacing them with a new 150 HP 16” vertical turbine backwash pump, complete with 20” stainless steel piping, valves, and a magnetic flow meter. In addition, the supply and installation of a new exhaust fan, ductwork and the modification of existing 4” service water piping was performed.

The work completed in Plant 2 includes the removal of two existing horizontal split case backwash pumps, and a vacuum priming system replacement with one new horizontal split case backwash pump, vacuum control tank, and finally, a duplex vacuum pump.

The projects from both Plants were completed with all of the required Electrical, Structural, Instrumentation, and Control upgrades. The new pumps and Clear Well 1 were both disinfected prior to start-up and commissioning. The replacement of the existing low lift MCC was completed without any interruption of plant operations.

project details

The Regional Municipality of Niagara
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Electrical Mechanical SCADA
start date:
May, 2012
completion date:
January, 2013