St. Lawrence Seaway - Locks I, II, III Turbine Generating Stations

Rankin’s Turbine Generating stations at Locks I, II, III produce a total of 6 megawatts of power back to the Horizon Utilities grid.

Procon’s ability to provide professional workmanship and manpower to maintain an aggressive schedule was crucial to the construction of the 3 stations.

Installation of the following equipment at each station was provided by Procon:

  • All high voltage equipment including new substation, switchgear, transformer and underground work along with new pole line and switching,
  • All station distribution including building services, security and fire alarm systems,
  • All station control panels, instruments and wiring as required for station operation.

Procon was recognized by Rankin Renewable Energy as a vital contractor to the success of each station and its schedule

project details

Rankin Renewable Energy
Welland, Ontario